Animation - Modern lively communications with your stamp

Animation is an effective way of telling people about what you do or providing advice. They are particularly useful in illustrating subjects that could be difficult or time consuming to film or to explain. Your viewer gets the information they need from you with images and pictures to help make your message stick in their minds.


A short sample of different animation techniques. You choose the style that works best tell us what you want to say and we do the rest.

Client: Home Energy Scotland

One of series of short animations created for use on social media to get the message across that simple steps can make a huge difference to energy consumption.

Client: Highland Council

A quick tour of the online services on offer from Highland Council designed to make it easier for people to interact with the council and manage a range of services.

Client: SCVO - Digital Scotland

Produced to encourage people to become digital champions to help more people use digital services in their daily lives.