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If you've made a film before you can skip this page. If its your first time then you might find it useful to read about the 5 main steps we will follow with you, to make sure that you get something that reflects your organisation.

It's not our film, its yours and the content and style should reflect that.

What is it for?

It's vital not to miss this step out. Once you’ve decided what your film needs to achieve that will also help you work out the messages it should include and the audiences to target. Sometimes we get involved after this has been done, but we are also always happy to help at this stage too.



This is where we discuss ideas around what your film will look like. Is it going to be filmed or is it an animation or perhaps a mix of both. Then we’ll take you through putting together a storyboard and shot list and agreeing who, where and what should be involved.

Storyboard 2.png


If it’s a film this is where we work through your storyboard and shoot what is needed. If its an animation this is the stage where we pull together the illustrations and other resources needed to tie in with the storyboard. The single most common mistake people make is to start at this stage. Don't fall into that trap it often leads to failure and wasted time and money.

BTS 1_1.11.1.jpg


This is where the magic happens. We pull together the images into a draft edit and give you time to review this and tell us what you would like refined. From there we supply your final edit.



The best places to put your film are the places where your target audience are most likely to see it. If you need advice or help on setting up a channel on any social media platform, uploading to Vimeo or YouTube, or creating a TV commercial we will help you through every stage of the process.

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