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We can help you communicate with clients and staff both with video and live streaming. It is the perfect medium for getting the right, carefully planned message to help you connect with customers and to deliver staff training and education.

Video Production
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We work with our clients to produce films that reach the right people with messages that they respond to.

Whether its short social media clips to get their attention, films for your website which explain the benefits of what you offer or involving your customers in testimonials.

We help with each stage of the process.

Animation New.png

Animation is an engaging way of delivering your message.

Whether a complex subject, difficult to demonstrate in "real life" or not visually interesting. Animation provides a way to make your message stand out.

Your viewer finds out what they need from you with images and pictures to help make your message stick in their minds.

Training & Education
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On average people retain 20% of the information they read. This doubles when the information is visual and can be processed 60,000 times faster.

Training delivery using video also means that everyone gets exactly the same message.

Add to that the fact that you can make it available where and when it is needed and the benefits of video training courses are clear.

Live Streaming

Broadcasting to an audience of your choosing in real time lets you run a virtual workshop, presentation or conference reducing travel for everyone.

You can interact with people through a live chat facility allowing them to comment and ask questions and have them answered, live.

All the benefits of an event without the travel and the environmental impact.

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