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Online Training


Sometimes you need a little more than a slide presentation or a few handouts, especially if you want learners to engage with what you need them to get to grips with. Video is a great way of doing that, but imagine if you could combine video with text and images.

And once your learners have gone through your online course you could set them a quick test to help them see whether they have really understood the learning points.

With your subject knowledge and our creative skills, we can create powerful online courses for you. We've put together a quick demo which you can try for yourself. We decided to make it about how to make a cup of tea, an everyday task most of us are familiar with. We have neatly side stepped the controversy surrounding when the milk should go in. That's for you to decide.

This page is best viewed on a laptop, desktop or tablet.

We hope you enjoyed that quick demo. If you think about how the things your team need to learn could be translated into similar modules then you're half way there. Get in touch and we'll help you take the next step

If on the other hand all you need is for someone you know to learn how to make tea then please feel free to share the link to this page.

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