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The Loch Ness Wellington

3.00pm on 31st December 2020, should have seen a poignant memorial service at Inverness Cathedral, remembering a wartime event on the city's doorstep.

It would have marked the time, 80 years previously, when R for Robert, an RAF Wellington bomber, was forced to ditch in Loch Ness on a snowy Hogmanay in 1940.

The service was planned by a group of volunteers, committed to preserving the memories of the 8 crew and tens of thousands of others from bomber command, who flew on countless missions during WW2.

The Covid pandemic meant the original plans had to be shelved and instead we were asked to pre-record a Covid safe memorial service at the Cathedral during Tier 1 restrictions.

At 3.00pm on December 31st 2020, exactly 80 years on from the ditching, the film of the service will be made public.

The film is an "as it happened" recording and while it would have been so much better to have been able to attend in person, we hope that this provides a fitting tribute in the meantime, until it is possible to mark this event in person.

To find out more about the Loch Ness Wellington project:

To donate to the Crowdfund to help keep the memory alive for visitors to the Highlands and future generations:

We would like to acknowledge the assistance of Vic Attwood for organising the service and providing direction on final content. And Rachel Kellet for access to the website and fundraising page.

DP Digital Media - December 2020

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